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Mega Super Ultra - Power Pop Art (1999)

In the late 70's, parka-clad thousands took to beaches of Brighton to defend the Mod way of life, depicted in the classic film Quadrophenia. Bands like The Jam, Purple Hearts, Secret Affair, The Lambrettas, and countless others re-ignited the R&B influenced, energetic pop sound that had been missing in punk, yet still containing the intensity and emotion of the UK punk movement. Here in the United States, rock critics tend to cite this "power-pop" movement in terms of it's Chicago roots, most notably Cheap Trick, Green, Shoes, and Material Issue.....which is fine to the members of MegaSuperUltra, the 12 songs on "Power Pop Art" have been crafted from the very core of rock. The music is full of quick changes, stops, starts, and cleverly honed lyrics mingled with irresistible melody. These songs are non stop action, obviously based on the Mod styles and ideals of 1960's England but given an distinct American twist. The world is ready for this "brand" of feel-good pop again, directly targeted to the new high-paced Scooterist movement that is bubbling strong in the underground once again.
                          Jump Up Records
Mega Super Ultra are another one of those 3 piece Jam influenced Stateside '79 revival bands complete with parkas, targets, arrows and London imagery.
It's all very nostalgic and in the words of the band themselves "It's like growing up and wanting to be British". As much as this stuff doesn't seem to have much relevance in 2001 you still can't knock people for just believing in what they do. I've heard the best and worst of the revival revival bands and although I'd rather go out and find something new Mega Super Ultra are top class in what they do and well worth checking out against some of the other new mod bands.

Reviewed by Mark McNulty (review posted on 10th October 2001) modculture
Si se te ocurre poner en la búsqueda de tu navegador favorito las palabras "mega super ultra" puedes quedar sorprendido de la cantidad de páginas que las utilizan, incluso acompañadas de "hyper", el no va más. Puede que en españa estas tres palabras nos suenen a expresión un tanto "pija", pero no nos confundamos con este grupo, son de Chicago, son mods y vienen de nuevo a decirnos que cuando quieren los yanquis hacen muy buenas canciones mod, que suenan a jam a chords.... como siempre. Temas como "How stupid can I Be", "Salt" o "Seven Waves Away" me darán la razón. Disco publicado en Jump Up! Records. En 2002 sacaron "Back To Take Another Bow" y creo que estaban trabajando en otro disco pero no sé si han llegado a publicarlo (Mega Means More). Han tenido apariciones en recopilatorios:
News of the World MKII - Once I'm All the Rage (We're Through),
Smash Your Radio Volume 2.0 - Get it? Got it? GOOD!,
The Young Idea Squire Tribute - Live Without Her Love.

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  1. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UV3AUTG7

    320Kbps, only front cover.

  2. Pues lo bajaremos y a ver que pasa. Ya sabes que a mi me va más el "mod-mod" que el "revival mod", pero...
    Saludos, Josechu.

  3. El nobre del grupo es horrible, pero el disco está muy bien. Gracias

  4. Este es de esos discos a los que a partir de la tercera o cuarta escucha, es cuando se les saca todo el jugo. Oyendo How Stupid Can I Be, uno piensa que se vá a encontrar con algo parecido a los sonidos que practican bandas como Bronco Bullfrog, pero a partir de ahí, se vé que hay muy poco de revival y mucho de power pop, un toque mod, un ligero regustillo de punk y mucho desparpajo.
    Otra gran entrega josechu, como todo a lo que nos tienes acostumbrados.

    Un abrazote.

  5. ficus, comentarios así hacen que la gente se interese por el disco, encantado estoy.

  6. Gracias Josechu por el aporte. Sinceramente, revival, revival, no me parece, pero que más da, sencillamente me gusta.
    Adelante con el blog