jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Driving Music - 3

This is the music I listened to this month, well, these last two or three weeks.I usually burn a CDR with many mp3 archives so I can listen to all the records in the car.
You can find in comments a link to the compilation "Driving Music#3, one song per record.As usual: mod, groove, power pop, indie, garage and beat.

Andy Lewis - Good Soul in the Good Times 7 (2011)
Cow - Cow (2010)
DC Fontana - The Contessa 7 (2009)
Groovy Uncle - Play Something We Know (2011)
Kurt Baker - Rockin' For A Living EP (2011)
Les Rivals - Who Are You 7 (2009)
Mr Bridger - Go To Know Your Name 7 (2010)
Queen Electric - Queen Electric EP (2011)
The Absolutes - She's Alright With Me (2010)
The Anydays - She's Not The One 7 (2011)
The Badge - EP (2010)
The Connection - New England's Newest Hit Makers 12'' (2011)
The Fleet Street - The Save Me Session (2011)
The Frank and Walters - The FaW Collection (1991)
The Get Up - Getup & Groove! (2007)
The Greatest Liar - The Girl With The Chesnut Eyes (2011)
The How - Happy Matt 7 (2006)
The Past Yense - Feeling Bad 7 (2010)
The Shazam - Godspeed The Shazam (2003)
Tracie - The House That Jack Built 7 (1983)
VVAA - Shake (2007)

 Paso bastante tiempo en el coche, como muchos de vosotros, así que es un buen lugar para escuchar la música que me gusta o que normalmente no tengo tiempo de escuchar. Suelo mantener el CDR con unos cuantos discos en mp3 durante dos o tres semanas, tiempo suficiente para empaparme de todos ellos.
En comments teneís un enlace a una recopilación de esta serie, mod, groove, power pop, indie, garage y beat.