jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012

Some ReUps

                          On request........
The Event - This is The Event ----- Uno
The Itch - From Wigan To Brighton 7'' ----- Dos
Manual Scan - The Lost Sessions EP ----- Tres
Five Thirty - Bed ----- Cuatro

viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2012

Dot Dash - Winter Garden Lights (2012)

From time to time I receive a mail with information about a band and a request for a comment on it in this blog. I usually listen to the tunes I receive, look for info on the band, and if I am convinced/like it, I post it. In this case with Dot Dash it’s been easier, I already knew the band, as Bill Crandall, who plays guitar with the mod band Modest Proposal, also plays with them (1st reason to comment on them), and after listening to the tunes (2nd reason) there’s no doubt left. Dot Dash have been at this for some time, since 2010 , and before their 1st record "spark>flame>amber>ash" in 2011 they had released the "Hurrah" EP in 2010. You can find comments on "Spark>..." and some download songs in the blogs wilfullyobscure, hangoverhardshotgunsolution or icecreamman1967.
The band is classified as after punk, possibly due to the fact that the rest of the members come from bands like "Julie Ocean" or "Swervedriver", but listening to them I decide I like them and that it’s worth following them. Just listen to the choruses in Faraway, the beginning of Writing on the Wall or… well, just listen to the whole record in bandcamp and draw your own conclusions.
Winter Garden Light is put out by the same Canadian label that put out the first one out (one year ago): The Beautiful Music, where you can buy it. Also as download in itunes or buy-listen the album in Bandcamp.
Two streaming songs in soundcloud.
One download song here. Courtesy from the band.

Dot Dash is a four-piece band (two guitars, bass and drums) from Washington D.C.
  Band info at their facebook page.
    Guitarist/singer Terry Banks and bassist Hunter Bennett were in punky power poppers Julie Ocean.
    Before that, Terry was in The Saturday People (Slumberland label), Tree Fort Angst (Bus Stop label),        Glo-Worm (K Records), and St. Christopher.
     Guitarist Bill Crandall was in the mod/pop band Modest Proposal.
     Drummer Danny Ingram began musical life in early Dischord-label punks Youth Brigade before moving on to Strange Boutique and, later, U.K. guitar-wranglers Swervedriver.

De vez en cuando recibo algún correo en el que se me dá información sobre una banda y la petición de hacer si es posible un comentario sobre ella en este blog. Suelo escuchar los temas que me envían, buscar información sobre la banda y si me convence o gusta lo publico. En este caso con Dot Dash ha sido más sencillo, ya conocía al grupo debido a que Bill Crandall guitarra del grupo mod  Modest Proposal está con ellos (motivo 1 para comentarles) y tras escuchar los temas recibidos (motivo 2) ya no hay dudas.
 Dot Dash ya llevan tiempo en activo, desde 2010 , y antes de su primer disco: "spark>flame>amber>ash" en 2011 ya habían publicado el EP "Hurrah" en 2010 .Podeis encontrar comentarios sobre "Spark>..." y algunos temas para bajar en los blogs wilfullyobscure, hangoverhard, shotgunsolution o icecreamman1967.
 Grupo clasificado como after punk, posiblemente debido a que el resto de componentes vienen de bandas como "Julie Ocean" o "Swervedriver", pero escuchando su música decido que me gustan y que merece la pena seguirles. No hay más que oir los coros de Faraway, el inicio de Writing on the Wall o.... bueno, mejor escuchar el disco completo en bandcamp y sacaís vuestras propias conclusiones.
Winter Garden Lights ha sido sacado al mercado por el mismo sello canadiense que editó su anterior trabajo: The Beautiful Music, ahí podreís comprar la versión CD. En plan digital o download: en itunes o en bandcamp.
Bajaros una canción, cortesía de la banda, aquí .

Vídeo de Learn How To Fly de su anterior disco spark>flame>amber>ash

domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012

The Chemistry Set - New Single in October

The cult London Psychedelic-Pop band The Chemistry Set return to the fold with another three track 7” vinyl single - ‘Come Kiss Me Vibrate And Smile’, ‘Time To Breathe’ and a cover of Tomorrow’s ‘Hallucinations’.                                                                                                                                .
The single will be released on the English ‘vinyl only’ label ‘Fruits de Mer’ on 20 October. It will be available in 2 different colours of vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.
Their last ‘Fruits de Mer’ single sold out within 48 hours. It will be available direct from FDM & Rough Trade records.

The Chemistry Set have quite a history. Veterans of the alternative Manchester label “Imaginary” and cassette only label “Acid Tapes”, they helped lead the neo-psychedelic boom of the late 1980's. During this time The Chemistry Set were featured in the British and European underground press, had mainstream and underground radio play worldwide and countless fanzine appearances, including releasing 3 flexi discs with fanzines (remember them?).

Indeed counting Factory & Hacienda boss Tony Wilson amongst their fans, The Chemistry Set reached the coveted Indie Top 20. Receiving regular airplay on the legendary John Peel’s show (Peel even went so far as to sending the band a hand-written fan letter!),

Their return in 2008 came about when their unreleased LP from 1989 “Sounds Like Painting” somehow was uploaded onto numerous blogs and was downloaded over 10,000 times.

"The Psychedelic scientists exquisite English Toytown Acid-Pop songs achieve rare combinations of muscle and melody”

You can find the 3 songs of the single and more in their soundcloud page, or bandcamp.

Here is  the song "Impossible Love" from the last single:

Or you can go to the original youtube video and find others.........

The Chemistry Set han anunciado nuevo single para mediados de Octubre. Tres nuevas canciones dentro del estilo al que nos tienen acostumbrados. El grupo es para mí algo especial, acostumbrados al regreso de bandas tras más de veinte años sin publicar, las cuales nos defraudan un poquito con su nuevo material, me encuentro con que desde la aparición del EP "Alchemy #101" en 2009 o "This Day Will Never Happen Again" en el año siguiente, el nivel de las canciones es alto haciendo mantener mi interés por esta banda, tanto en el nuevo material como en la búsqueda de todo lo anterior. Bueno, me falta seguir la pista al disco publicado en 2011 por Tsunami Music: Chemistry is just Numbers, con remezclas y algún tema nuevo. Ya se publicó por aquí un comentario sobre su mini LP "Wake Up Sometimes" del 90.
Por ahí arriba teneís enlaces a las canciones de este nuevo single, bien en soundcloud, bien en bandcamp.
Encontrada biografía en Dead Bees Records.