lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

The Revs - Do The Right Thing (7,1993)

Formed in the halcyon spring of 1988 The Revs were to go on to become one of England's greatest undiscovered gems. Hatched in the minds of Keith McAndrew and Jake Harding upon the demise of their former band, The Revs created a tight and passionate fan base for their catchy Mod influenced pop punk. Keith and Jake were soon joined by John Honeysett, son of Twickenham, and all round good egg. The three manboys pressed further into the recesses of their minds to discover and develop the means of world domination through 3 minute classics.
This young band of charming rogues began their quest and began to write instantly catchy, melodic masterpieces of post-modernist modernism. Their message began to seep out across the nation. Heavy touring secured them in the hearts and minds of audiences across the country. However, the dark and malignant cloud of record company disinterest hung over them from the beginning. Never ones to bend their unswerving personal vision to the trends of the times The Revs resolutely missed any bandwagon they tried to jump on. (myspace)

The Revs have two EPs: Buzz and Elevater (1992), Vinyl Japan edited both in one CD. And this single,Do The Right Thing (three songs) edited by Detour Records in 1993, only 1500 copies.
........................................... "Buzz" and "Elevater" EPs
You can find three more songs in their myspace : Little Terrors, Start it up and a version of "The Kids are alright". The song "Julie got a raise" appears on the Vinyl Japan CD.
Disco publicado en 1993 por Detour Records, tres temas. El primero Do the right thing con un ligero toque 90s, opinión personal pero no por ello deja de ser un estupendo tema, seguido por Stay in touch desde luego más mod y termina con Anna en plan más lentillo. Buen single que durante bastante tiempo pensé que era lo único publicado por ellos, hasta que gracias al amigo jllopez descubrí los dos anteriores EPs: Buzz y Elevater, publicados en un solo CD por Vinyl Japan en 1992. También en su página de myspace podéis encontrar tres temas más: Start it up, Little Terrors y una versión de The Kids are alright. Todo ello lo edité en un solo CD que más adelante publicaré en el blog.

miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2010

The Aardvarks - Bargain (1995)

Band that needs no introduction to fans of Mod/60's influenced music, these guys have been popular on the circuit for a fair few years now, and they're '95 debut long-player doesn't disappoint."Bargain" showcases a band with excellent influences (The Small Faces, Beatles, Who, The Kinks - "Office No.1" and "Mr. Inertia", for example, remind me an awful lot of Ray Davies tunes), but also a band not afraid to give their sound a contemporary feel. Mixing Hammond organ with psych-guitar riffs, most of the tunes are up-tempo Mod-rockers - if you'll pardon the term, and any album that includes a tune called 'Arthur C.Clarke' must be good, musn't it? Strong and impressive debut album, and nice get-up on the cover-sleeve lads!
Reviewed by David Steel (review posted on 9th September 2001)

You can find in this blog a version of "Mr Inertia" by Mark Vark (Mark Pietronave) here.

De nuevo nos encontramos ante un buen disco y de nuevo nos vemos con una banda que posiblemente debió tener mejor suerte.Conocí a los Aardvarks a través de sus singles con Screaming Apple (89 y 91), discográfica con la que debieron tener algún problema para la publicación de su LP ya que no fué editado hasta 1995 y por otro sello: Delerium Records coincidiendo con problemas en la banda. Posteriormente se editó otro single en Detour Records: Buttermilk Boy / Bad Clothes (1999). Entre los temas del disco aparece "Mr Inertia" cuya versión a manos de Mark Vark (Mark Pietronave) apareció hace tiempo por este blog.
Influencias mod por todos lados con un toque psycho agradable.El archivo es colaboración del amigo jllopez, aunque al tenerlo en vinilo lo he ripeado también.