jueves, 18 de julio de 2013

SEARCHING...... The Numbers (US) - Ready, Steady, NO! (1999 or 2000)

Formed from the ashes of Detroit's Big Block, guitarist Kenny Tudrick fully embraces the mod influences that were only alluded to in his previous band. For a not-that-subtle hint of this, there's a pic of a scooter on the album art to accompany the style heard on the record. The album is some spirited power pop, in the style of early Who and the Jam, as played by the Plimsouls, along with a vocal style not unlike Soul Asylum's Dave Pirner (but don't hold that against them). Some of the songs go a bit trippy after a while, but that only adds to the interesting texture of the album. The music itself is not exactly cutting edge or non-derivative, but that's not really the point. These guys are obviously having fun playing songs like "Billy Rubin," which sounds like a reworking of "Summertime Blues" mixed with "My Generation." At one point they break out a processed guitar sound on "Godspeed," which recalls U2's the Edge more than anything else. This album overall is a great example of punk-influenced, mod rock & roll.

I don't have so much info about this band. Four songs from the album Ready Steady No! (hard to find...).....I got these songs in 1999 or 2000.....(mp3.com), I think. Another mod group lost in time.....?

*****1 Fast
    2 Sometimes
    3 Cutshort
****4 Left Behind
****5 Billy Rubin
     6 Kerosene                   
****7 Green
     8 4 X 5
     9 Justice
    10 Godspeed
    11 Bridesmaid                               more info: HERE

Grupo americano del que no conozco demasiado. Sólo cuatro canciones que vienen de los tiempos de mp3.com, bitrate 128 Kbps, que nos dan una idea de lo que fue este grupo y nos dan ganas de conseguir más....... un poco más de información: AQUI

Numbers - Left Behind

miércoles, 3 de julio de 2013

VVAA - Driving Music #5 (2013)

This is the music I listened to this month, well, these last two or three weeks.I usually burn a CDR with many mp3 archives so I can listen to all the records in the car.
You can find in comments a link to the compilation "Driving Music#5, one song per record.As usual: mod, groove, power pop, indie, garage and beat.
 The Albums:

Groove Tunnel - Rainy Day 7'' (1995)
Jarvis Humby - Get On Board My Train 7'' (1997)
Los Straitjackets with Sarah Borges - Let's Spend The Night Together 7'' (2012)
New Street Adventure - Stay It Like You Mean It (2012)
P. Hux - Live Like A King EP (2008)
Parade! - The Beach 7''(1998)
Red Jackett Mine - Bellar & Bowl 7'' (2012)
Scissors & The Cuts - 3 July (2012)
Stanley Road - Mieres Bridge 7'' (2012)
The Babelkinks - The Babelkinks Single (2012)
The Brilliant Corners - Growing Up Absurd EP (1985)
The Buffets - Saucy Jack (2006)
The Clique - Hello Sunshine 7'' (1998)
The Disturbed - Eye Spy 7'' (1997)
The Fire Dept - Last One There 7'' (1994)
The Men - Four Good Men and True (2010)
The Others - About My Time 7'' (1997)
The Vandalias - The New Sell Out, Recop (2012)
Trio Valore - Rehab 7'' (2008)

The driving music #5 songs:

De nuevo otra selección de Driving Music, un tema por cada uno de los discos que voy escuchando en el coche a diario. En Comentarios teneís el acceso al archivo.