viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012

Dee Walker - Dial 'L' For Love 12'' (1985)

Dee Walker, the recording artist, was the creation of Dance Network label head Paul Bultitute -- his idea was to compliment the early-80s wave of mod-revivalists by adding a sixties-styled "girl" singer in the image of Cilla Black or Sandy Shaw. In 1984, Baultitude signed the 22 year-old and enlisted Paul Bevoir of the Jet Set to write the appropriate songs. One album was released, 1985's Dial L for Love, which was well received by the mod underground and the British press but Walker retired from the music business after she married the following year. ~ Chris Woodstra, Rovi

My note: In 1984 was released the single "Jump Back!/Every Little Moment", both songs by Paul Bevoir. The mini-album, Dial'L' For Love, was released a year later, featuring three songs by Bevoir and three by Ed Ball. Tangerine Records edited the CD compilation "Jump Back", including the single Jump Back, this Dial L For Love and two more songs: 'Hey Mr Love' (Appears in the "Come On Peel The Noise" comp) and 'Swinging On A Star'.
Puede que Dee Walker fuese un invento de Paul Bultitute para su sello Dance Network, pretendiendo dar al revival la imagen de una cantante estilo 60's como Shandie Shaw o Cilla Black, pero sirvió para dejarnos unas pocas canciones que yo siempre recuerdo y escucho con cariño, el single "Jump Back!/Every Little Moment" en 1984 con temas de Paul Bevoir , este 12" con temas de Bevoir y de Ed Ball más dos temas que aparecieron en el recopilatorio de Tangerine Records: Jump Back de 1993 (Swinging On A Star y Hey Mr Love, este tema también salió en el recopilarotio "Come On Peel The Noise" de Tangerine).

viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

Made - Tonight mLP (2003)

Made are a five members band from Italy playing a mod/beat/powerpop oriented music using vintage instruments (Hammond, Farfisa, Vox, Rickenbacker) but they don't dislike some of the more recent britpop sounds. In the past years they've played at the main Italian mod, scooterist and sixties events (Rimini “The Italian Job” International Mod Rally (1998, 2000 & 2004), Beat Festival 2000, Italian Mods Mayday 2000, Italian National Mod Rally 1999, the Other Face mod Rally 2001, Isola d'Elba Tuscany International Scooter Rally 2002, Ticino Mod Rally 2003, Hot mod summer on the lake 2004, Italian Mod Rally 2006, etc.) so that they are now one of the best known Italian bands in the whole MOD scene.
In 1997 they released their first demotape “Greatest Hits vol.2”. In 1999 they made their first record : a 7” split EP (along with Wigan Casino) produced by Modern Groove Records. This record had many good reviews on rock magazines and fanzines. In 2000 they gave two songs for the “Mondo Beat vol. 2” compilation cd by Face/Sony (featuring some the best sixties European bands like Solarflares, Diaboliks, Slow Slushy Boys, Others, etc.) and they had many new good reviews. In the same year they also appeared in the “Gamut Assembly vol.5” compilation cd by the british label Dizzy Lug'ole Records.
In springtime 2001 they had their first album “Made this way!” finally out on Vitaminic and many more gigs and good reviews. Last but not least they were also featured on the “Music for Truckers” international compilation by La Skaletta Rock Club (featuring bands like Kowalskis, Surfin' Lungs, Peawees, Manges, Apers, Fairlanes, etc.) which put their name out into the punk rock scene too.
In 2003 the 6 tracks Cd-Ep “Tonight” has been produced by Skipping Musez Records and followed, as usual, by lots of good reviews in the best Italian and European modzines and rock magazines. Tonight has been reissued, with four bonus tracks, in 2006 by Revel Yell Music label for the Japanese market.
After more than 10 years since their birth, this great italian MOD band released a brand new album which will be well appreciated from who loves Who, Kinks, Small Faces, Jam, Blur, the Power Pop sound and any kind of Brit Rock… "They Don't Understand" Cd, 2009.

Review from

Banda mod Italiana en activo desde 1996 pero que no se han prodigado mucho en cuanto a discos se refiere. Made This Way! en 2001, Tonight mLp en 2003 reeditado en Japón con cuatro temas más en 2007 y They Don't Understand en 2009. En este disco, Tonight, aparece un tema más, posiblemente sea una re-edición de 2007. Entre las muchas bandas italianas, Made siempre ha ocupado uno de los primeros lugares entre mis preferidos.