martes, 24 de julio de 2012

Tributes-to-The-Who records 1996 and 2012

  VVAA - Quadrophenia 1996 The Who Tribute (1996)

Another compilation of-tribute to The Who? Well, yes. Some times these type of records mushroom in November (in Spain..) and maybe you get tired of them or they’re more of the same… but I like this tribute for several reasons. It’s Quadrophenia, it’s difficult to find (maybe in iTunes), but it’s mainly for the bands featuring in it, as most (or even all) of them belonged to or published records with Detour Records in 1996, i.e. The Persuaders, The Chosen, The Shreds, The Shambles, Ravengers, The Strange, Kickstar, The Most, Sharp Kiddie, The Shreds, Groove Tunnel, Acrylic Tones or The End Of The Beginning, which is more than enough for this record to win me over, as I know and have records of all of them. All in all, it’s a good record to round off your discography.
Otro recopilatorio-tributo a los Who?, Pues sí. A veces este tipo de discos salen como las setas en noviembre y puede que te cansen o que sea mas de lo mismo........pero este tributo me gusta, por varias razones. Se trata de Quadrophenia, es dificill de encontrar (quizas en iTunes), pero sobre todo es por las bandas que aparecen en el, la mayoria (o todas) pertenecían o habian publicado en el año 1996 en el sello Detour Records, a saber: The Persuaders, The Chosen, The Shreds, The Shambles, Ravengers, The Strange, Kickstar, The Most, Sharp Kiddie, The Shreds, Groove Tunnel, Acrylic Tones o The End Of The Beginning, mas que suficiente para que me tenga ganado este disco, ya que conozco y tengo singles o discos de todos ellos, buen disco para completar su discografia.

1. 5:15 - The Chosen 
2. I'm One - The Strange 
3. Four Faces - The Persuaders 
4. The Real Me - Groove Tunnel 
5. Bell Boy - The Acrylic Tones 
6. The Punk And The Godfather - Ravengers 
7. Doctor Jimmy - Kickstart 
8. The Dirty Jobs - The Shreds 
9. It It In My Head? - The Shambles 
10. Drowned - The Most 
11. Joker James - Sharp Kiddie 
12. Get Out And Stay Out - The Chosen 
13. Anyway Anyhow Anywhere - The End Of The Beginning 
14. Zoot Suit - The Persuaders

 VVAA - The New Sell Out (2012)

My initial comment on tribute records to The Who also has to do with the excellent record released by Futureman Records under the title "The New Sell Out", completely based on "The Who Sell Out". This record seems to have kept us waiting for 12 years. What strikes me too about this record is the sheer number of good power pop bands it features, whether doing cover versions of songs or doing the Radio London "jingles" that separated the songs in the original record, simple 30 sec-short jingles but produced by DM3, Rubinoos, Roger McGuinn, Anderson Council... Well, to get an idea, visit the bandcamp webpage, where you can listen to and/or buy the record (only $7). Covers by Grip Weeds, Myracle Brah, Brendan Benson, The Andersons or Cloud Eleven are justification enough for the record to have been commented on in powerpop blogs or fora.
It's posible that you remember another great tribute to This album: Petra Haden Sings The Who Sell Out, 2005.
El comentario del principio sobre los discos-tributo a los Who viene tambien a cuento del estupendo disco que ha publicado el sello Futureman Records bajo el titulo "The New Sell Out" basándose por completo en "The Who Sell Out". Disco que parece ha tardado en salir 12 anos. Lo que tambien llama la atención sobre este disco es la cantidad de buenos grupos de power pop que participan en él, bien versioneando los temas o bien haciendo los "jingles" de Radio London que aparecían entre cancion y cancion en el original, jingles de apenas 30 segundos pero realizados por DM3,Rubinoos, Roger McGuinn, Anderson Council..... Bueno, para haceros una idea, pasaros por la pagina web de bandcamp en la que podeis escuchar-comprar el disco en cuestion (solo 7$). Las versiones... a cuenta de Grip Weeds, Myracle Brah, Brendan Benson, The Andersons, Cloud Eleven....motivo suficiente para que el disco ya haya sido comentado en powerpop blogs o foros.
Para mí, otro buen disco tributo es Petra Haden Sings The Who Sell Out, 2005, cantado a capella.

lunes, 16 de julio de 2012

The Karovas Milkshake - FreakOut single (2012)

The first thing I must say is that I’m an avid follower of this group.
I like Garage music and Freakbeat or Psycho, and that is precisely what makes this trio (maybe quartet when adding a drummer substitute) from Russia (Ekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains). They have been playing now for a couple of years or more, and I think they have four records: The first two are probably self-published, two EPs with 4 songs, versions like Dirty Water, Little Girl, Jumpin' Jack Flash, No Reason to Complain... (and more versions in their concerts: I Can Only Give You Everything, When The Night Falls...) that give us an idea of their tastes and influences. Their third EP was recorded in 2010 by Vintage Records and with two versions (Is That Your Halo?, The Rock Shop and Yeah!, The Alarm Clocks) are two original songs, "Poor & Broken Child" and the fantastic "Hey Girl!" (you can listen to these songs in MySpace or Reverbnation). They recorded their single "FreakOut / Factory" in 2012, in which we are introduced to their particular Wonderland. I see this record as a natural evolution after their first "garage" songs, introducing organ and more psycho. I like it, and am waiting for their upcoming recordings.
You can listen-buy "FreakOut / Factory" (from $2) in Bandcamp. Or you can visit "my comments section".

Nada más empezar os digo que ya soy un ferviente seguidor de este grupo.
Me gusta la música Garage o Freakbeat o Psycho y eso es precisamente lo que hacen este trio (puede que cuarteto cuando se añade un batería suplente) de Rusos (de Ekaterinburg en los Urales). Ya llevan un par de años, o más, tocando y les he controlado unos cuatro discos, tres EPs de cuatro temas y este su último single, aunque que los dos primeros supongo que editados por ellos mismos con versiones como Dirty Water,Little Girl, Jumpin' Jack Flash, No Reason to Complain...o lo que he visto de ellos en concierto: I Can Only Give You Everything, When The Night Falls..que nos dan una idea de sus gustos e influencias.Su tercer EP se grabó en 2010, puede que publicado en 2011 por Vintage Records y junto a dos versiones (Is That Your Halo? de los Rock Shop y Yeah! de Alarm Clocks) aparecen dos temas propios: Poor & Broken Child y la estupenda Hey Girl! (Estos temas los podeís escuchar en su página de myspace o en reverbnation).
 En este 2012 sacan su single FreakOut Factory en el que nos introducen a su particular Wonderland. Veo este disco como una evolución natural tras sus primeras grabaciones más garageras, introduciendo órgano y psycho,y esperando ya sus próximas grabaciones.
Este single lo podeís escuchar en bandcamp, soundcloud y en myspace. También podeís hacer una visita a comments.

miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

Review: Trolley - Things That Shine and Glow (2011)

Trolley are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They’ve been going at this since 1995 and they do a sort of Mod Psych Power Pop or even a "paisley underground power-pop psych-pop folk-rock garage rock". This is what usually comes up in their biographies or reviews of their records. So many terms to define their music may sound like too much when applied to one song, but I think they are appropriate when we listen to their entire "Things That Shine and Glow" record. Even if it starts with "I Woke Up", garage impressions in "Pushing Too Hard"-style, that by the way reminds me a lot the sound of "The Nice Outfit", a parallel group to Trolley, we go on to more relaxed tempi with "My Obsession" or some Brit touches with "In The End", a bit of the Kinks, back to garage with "She's The Kind Of Girl"... the whole record is thoroughly enjoyable and doesn’t get tiresome after several listenings. My favorites: "I Woke Up", "She's The Kind Of Girl", "Ocean Sounds", "That Made Me Wanting You"… and the rest of the fourteen songs, teehee. As a member of the band, Paul Wall, says, "it’s not strictly mod but sixties/pop/garage". To which I can add "I like it and if I like something I make it mod when I want to".

Here, a little biography from All Music Guide:
Displaying a luminous pop/rock style supported by a masterful rhythm section, Trolley play melodious grooving tunes with two guitarist/vocalists in the forefront. The crew first assembled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the midst of the '90s, with a lineup consisting of Paul Wall (vocals, guitar), Mike Perotto (guitar, vocals), Terry Hackbath (bass), and Nick Zahn (drums). In 1996, the band released its first recording, "Love's a Twister", receiving rave reviews from the media and assuring the beginnings of a loyal fan base. Trolley's blazing pop tunes swiftly stood out on the local music scene, and they soon became more in demand than ever. During the following years, the team issued two more discs, "Here Comes Summer" and "Star of Wonder" (EPs), again achieving considerable results. In 1999, Trolley issued yet another album, "Head vs. Heart", months before entering their first major tour alongside Reel Big Fish. Trolley returned four years later with "Last Chance Dance", bringing '60s rock and '70s punk influences into the mix, followed in 2011 by the '80s jangle pop-leaning "Things That Shine and Glow".
You can hear-buy it : Bandcamp. Or visit their Facebook.

Trolley son de Milwaukee, Wisconsin, llevan es esto desde 1995 y practican un Mod Psych Power Pop o incluso "paisley underground power-pop psych-pop folk-rock garage rock.". Esto es lo que suele aparecer en sus biografías o revisiones de sus discos. Tantos términos juntos para definir su música pueden parecer demasiados cuando se aplican a una sola canción, pero creo que sí son los correctos cuando escuchas el disco "Things That Shine and Glow" al completo. Si comienza con "I Woke Up" con aires garageros a lo "Pushing Too Hard", que por cierto me recuerda mucho el sonido a "The Nice Outfit" grupo paralelo de Trolley, pasamos a tiempos más relajados con My Obsession o con aires british en "In The End", algo de Kinks, vuelta a garage con She's The Kind Of Girl.....todo el disco se te hace ameno y no se desgasta con varias escuchas. Mis preferidas: I Woke Up, She's The Kind Of Girl,Ocean Sounds, That Made Me Wanting You y el resto de los catorce temas, je. Como comenta el miembro de la banda,Paul Wall, "no es estrictamente Mod pero si sixties/pop/garage". A lo que puedo añadir un "me gusta, y si algo me gusta lo hago mod cuando quiero".
 Podeis escuchar y comprar el álbun en su página de Bandcamp. O visitar su facebook,