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Review: Trolley - Things That Shine and Glow (2011)

Trolley are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They’ve been going at this since 1995 and they do a sort of Mod Psych Power Pop or even a "paisley underground power-pop psych-pop folk-rock garage rock". This is what usually comes up in their biographies or reviews of their records. So many terms to define their music may sound like too much when applied to one song, but I think they are appropriate when we listen to their entire "Things That Shine and Glow" record. Even if it starts with "I Woke Up", garage impressions in "Pushing Too Hard"-style, that by the way reminds me a lot the sound of "The Nice Outfit", a parallel group to Trolley, we go on to more relaxed tempi with "My Obsession" or some Brit touches with "In The End", a bit of the Kinks, back to garage with "She's The Kind Of Girl"... the whole record is thoroughly enjoyable and doesn’t get tiresome after several listenings. My favorites: "I Woke Up", "She's The Kind Of Girl", "Ocean Sounds", "That Made Me Wanting You"… and the rest of the fourteen songs, teehee. As a member of the band, Paul Wall, says, "it’s not strictly mod but sixties/pop/garage". To which I can add "I like it and if I like something I make it mod when I want to".

Here, a little biography from All Music Guide:
Displaying a luminous pop/rock style supported by a masterful rhythm section, Trolley play melodious grooving tunes with two guitarist/vocalists in the forefront. The crew first assembled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the midst of the '90s, with a lineup consisting of Paul Wall (vocals, guitar), Mike Perotto (guitar, vocals), Terry Hackbath (bass), and Nick Zahn (drums). In 1996, the band released its first recording, "Love's a Twister", receiving rave reviews from the media and assuring the beginnings of a loyal fan base. Trolley's blazing pop tunes swiftly stood out on the local music scene, and they soon became more in demand than ever. During the following years, the team issued two more discs, "Here Comes Summer" and "Star of Wonder" (EPs), again achieving considerable results. In 1999, Trolley issued yet another album, "Head vs. Heart", months before entering their first major tour alongside Reel Big Fish. Trolley returned four years later with "Last Chance Dance", bringing '60s rock and '70s punk influences into the mix, followed in 2011 by the '80s jangle pop-leaning "Things That Shine and Glow".
You can hear-buy it : Bandcamp. Or visit their Facebook.

Trolley son de Milwaukee, Wisconsin, llevan es esto desde 1995 y practican un Mod Psych Power Pop o incluso "paisley underground power-pop psych-pop folk-rock garage rock.". Esto es lo que suele aparecer en sus biografías o revisiones de sus discos. Tantos términos juntos para definir su música pueden parecer demasiados cuando se aplican a una sola canción, pero creo que sí son los correctos cuando escuchas el disco "Things That Shine and Glow" al completo. Si comienza con "I Woke Up" con aires garageros a lo "Pushing Too Hard", que por cierto me recuerda mucho el sonido a "The Nice Outfit" grupo paralelo de Trolley, pasamos a tiempos más relajados con My Obsession o con aires british en "In The End", algo de Kinks, vuelta a garage con She's The Kind Of Girl.....todo el disco se te hace ameno y no se desgasta con varias escuchas. Mis preferidas: I Woke Up, She's The Kind Of Girl,Ocean Sounds, That Made Me Wanting You y el resto de los catorce temas, je. Como comenta el miembro de la banda,Paul Wall, "no es estrictamente Mod pero si sixties/pop/garage". A lo que puedo añadir un "me gusta, y si algo me gusta lo hago mod cuando quiero".
 Podeis escuchar y comprar el álbun en su página de Bandcamp. O visitar su facebook,

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  1. De de Milwaukee, Wisconsin, como mola que te pregunten ¿de donde eres? y en vez de decir de Albacete (por poner, eh?) sueltas así como el que no quiere la cosa y con acento vacilón: "de Milwaukee, Wisconsin"

    Y también me mola eso de "no es estrictamente Mod pero si sixties/pop/garage", entonces me gustará, fijo.

    Saludossssssssss Josechu y cía

  2. Realmente bueno este "Things That Shine And Glow". Especialmente Til I'm Gone, That Made Me Wanting You y la que da titulo al álbum, aunque como bien comentas los catorce temas merecen la pena.
    Yo les veo mas powerpoperos que revival.
    Me sorprende el hecho de poder escuchar el disco entero en la pagina oficial y no las dichosas Music Samples de escasos segundos que tanto abundan ultimamente.

    Buena recomendación josechu.

    Un abrazote.

  3. Como siempre, un placer teneros por aquí. Bab, además tienen aire a Kinks en algún tema,je. Lo de bandcamp ,ficus, ultimamente está bastante bien te ayuda a descubrir nuevos grupos y escucharlos enteros.