lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2011

The Gain - You Should Know EP (USA 1995)

Four songs, three great, one just mortal. The cover of "I Don't Mind" (Buzzcocks) is brilliant, and not just because it's such a cool song to begin with. These songs are simple rocking punk with elaborate vocals reminding me of Blatz but just with no girl singing. Out of hand is my favorite because I lean towards the Us against the World punk rock inspirational. (GS)

I'd like to start this post with a "you should know" review from The Gain's webpage. Another great single was posted in my blog, here. And searching for info about the band I found five live songs (At Fireside Bowl, 1997) in the record "V.M. Live Series 2 Volume 1" with another three bands: The Pist, Supernova and Brand New Unit. These songs will be uploaded soon...... Another EP: The Gain / Scared Of Chaka split (1995 702 records) is in the blog one-side war.
Grupo al que tengo especial cariño. Buscando información sobre la banda (y su "Highway to Heck") me encontré con el disco "V.M. Live Series 2 Volume 1", compartido con tres bandas más (The Pist, Supernova and Brand New Unit) que incluye cinco temas en vivo que subiré un día de estos (un mes, vamos). Puede que sea por eso la razón de volver a traer a The Gain, Quadroburbia ya apareció por aquí. De paso, podeís encontrar el EP compartido con Scared Of Chaka en el blog one-side war.

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    320Kbps, Artwork, vinyl rip.

  2. Vamos a escucharles, que no les conocía. Gracias Josechu

  3. Toda una descarga de adrenalina. Como volver a los tiempos del post-punk y las anfetaminas.
    Buena entrega josechu y You Should Know un temazo.


  4. Me alegro de leeros, amigos, siempre son un estímulo los comentarios.