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The Itch - Wigan To Brighton 7" (1995)

The Itch pertenecen a una época en la que fuí devoto coleccionista de singles mod, sobre todo del sello Detour Records, en los primeros 90. Estos singles los recopilé para la página 1PocodMusica ( en varios volúmenes: "VVAA Singles Grupos Mod" pero los pondré aquí por el gusto hacia su formato.
El single que tenemos hoy es el primero del grupo, tras haber realizado un maqueta o demo de tres temas que pasó por las manos de Jimmy Pursey de "Sham 69" ,dando un empujoncito para que se grabase el single en "Detour Records". Llegaron a publicar un album en 1997, "Avenue Parade" en el mismo sello (que veremos pronto) y un single con la colaboración o simpatía de Ian Page , "Secret Affair" del tema "Time For Action". En 2006 sacaron un EP, "Still Scratching" bajo la producción de Page.
The Itch were formed during Easter 1992 by Benmore brothers David and Colin, with the first foray into live performance coming the following year in the neighbouring town of Burnley. Originally a four-piece outfit, the band weathered the departure of their lead singer and continued as a three-piece. Alongside early gigs, the band's first recorded output was in the form of a three-track demo during Autumn 1993, whilst a well-known street in the boys' home town supplied the name for their debut album Avenue Parade.
The band have enjoyed links with a number of high profile artists, notably punk maestro Jimmy Pursey, who, after hearing the demo, invited the boys to fill his support slot at his gig in nearby Preston in June 1994 and then went on to perform production duties on debut single "Wigan to Brighton" the following month. A long-standing productive link has been with Ian Page (of Secret Affair fame) who in 1999 assisted with a cover of the Affair's teen anthem "Time for Action" self-released on their own label, 'Mod Inc Records' (which also appeared on the football-related compilation The Clarets Collection) and, more recently, producing the lead track on 2006's Still Scratchin' EP. "Wigan to Brighton" gained recognition via support from Radio 1 DJ John Peel and by 1998 the boys headlined the famous 100 Club in London with a honourary appearance by Chris Pope (of The Chords fame), with Pope producing a couple of demo tracks for the band the following year.
The band have been approached by Biff! Bang! Pow! Records and are recording a new three-track single during Summer 2007.(Rate Your Music)

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