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The Blocked - The Prisoner in me 7" 1994

The Blocked provenían de Gales, hablo en pasado ya que tras la publicación de dos singles se disolvieron. Este es su primer single, autoeditado en 1994 y distribuido por Detour Records, con los que publicaron su segundo sencillo "Slodgers UK". Power Pop Punk Mod o etiquetas parecidas que acaban dando un sonido Blocked, escucha The Prisoner in me y lo entenderás.
Más adelante Detour publicó "Smashed Hits" con temas que debían haber salido en su momento como su primer LP.
The Blocked came bursting out of the underground Welsh music scene (the same scen that gave us Manic Street Preachers, Catatonia, Stereophonics etc ...) in the early - mid 90's and soon became a cult phenomenon on the Mod scene due to their incendiary live shows. You never knew what was going to happen on stage at a Blocked gig, if the band would make it all the way through without fighting each other. One thing you could be certain of is that you were going to hear some of the tightest, toughest, angriest Mod stoke Punk stroke Power-pop in your life!

After releasing their debut "The Prisoner In Me" single on their own label, the Blocked appeared on our "Takin A Detour" compilation and then had a single in their own right on our label - the fantastic "Sloggers UK / Plastic Punks". Shortly after releasing this single, the band split,another sad story of a great band never fulfilling their potential and giving us a great album ... until now! (Detour Records)

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    320Kbps Complete Artwork
    A- The Prisoner in me
    B- Anger From Ulster

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