lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2009

The Shreds - Brutally You (7" ,1995)

Otro single publicado por Detour Records. The Shreds se alejan un poco de lo que consideramos "mod" acercándose hacia el pop punk en la línea de "Senseless Things" o con aires a The Gain, pero el Fred Perry que lleva el guitarrista Russ me dá que pensar...... Creo que sólo llegaron a publicar este single y varias canciones sueltas en recopilatorios diversos. Podeís escuchar "Things I've Said" y otras tres más en su página de myspace . De ahí está sacado el siguiente comentario en inglés.
The Shreds were formed in 1991 in the darkest depths of Lincolnshire. Heavily inspired by the Senseless Things and the thriving scene of UK pop/punk bands that were around at the time they recorded a shitload of demos over the years but actually released very little!! They did manage to get out and play shows all over the country though and got to play with great bands like Lovejunk, Funbug, The Revs, Goober Patrol and many more.The original line-up of the band was Russ, Austin and Martin. At some point they roped in Bruce to join to play lead guitar who was later replaced by Matt. When Martin decided to leave, Russ swapped from guitar to drums and the band carried on for a couple of years with that line-up before splitting up. (myspace)
You can find four more songs and some info in myspace .

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    320 Kbps, Artwork complete, vynil rip.

    Nota: en el archivo aparece "Brutally Yours" pero en realidad es "Brutally You". Gazapo.

  2. Pues habrá que escucharlos. ¿Ya se acabaron las vacaciones? Saludos