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VVAA - Driving Music #4 (2012)

 This is the music I listened to this month, well, these last two or three weeks.I usually burn a CDR with many mp3 archives so I can listen to all the records in the car.
You can find in comments a link to the compilation "Driving Music#4, one song per record.As usual: mod, groove, power pop, indie, garage and beat.

Clairy Browne & The Bangin Rackettes - Baby Caught The Bus 2011
Fred Leslie's Missing Link - I Got So Much Trouble In My Mind EP 2008
Headquarters - O and O 2007
Hurricane Fighter Plane - Hurricane Fighter Plane EP 2011
Jacco Gardner - Clear The Air 7'' 2012
Les Fleurs De Bach - Psychologique EP 2010
Nelsonics - Ruins Of Rome 2005
New Street Adventure - Just The Kind Of People EP 2011
Paradise - Diary On An Old Soul 2012
Red Jacket Mine - Listen Up If The World Is Going Hell 7'' 2012
Stone Foundation - Away From The Grain 2010
Suedehead - So Frantic EP 2010
The Gonks - Float Yer Boat 2009
The Higher Elevations - There is A Town EP 2005
The Link Quartet - Long Live The Link 2007
The Phantom Keys - The Real Sounds Of 2011
The See See - Mary Soul 7'' 2011
The Strides - Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band EP 2010
Thee Vicars - You Lie 7'' 2009

De nuevo otra selección de Driving Music, un tema por cada uno de los discos que voy escuchando en el coche a diario. En Comentarios teneís el acceso al archivo.

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The Stairs - Last Time Around EP (1992)

This is the fourth and last EP of the band. We have four tunes again, two from Edgar Summertyme, one from Ged Lynn, and the Del-Vetts version which gives its title to the record. The EP was published under the Imaginary Records label (the three preceding ones and the Mexican R'n'B LP were published by Go! Discs), and maybe it was a nice gesture for that label, as they were supposed to publish the first “Weed Bus" EP with them. After that EP the band started to implement changes, both in the staff (adding two guitars) and with Ged Lynn’s departure in 94, and in the music, drifting towards blues rock or psychodelia. All that and constant delays in the recording of their second album were conducive to the band separating in 1994. Their "second album" was "Our Life Behind The Golden Cabbage", and the Viper label was supposed to publish it in 2008 but with the title "Who Is This Is was". Previously in 2006, a compilation and alternative tunes, "Right in the Back of Your Mind", were also published under the Viper label.
The interesting bit in this "Last Time Around" EP, apart from the fact that it follows on the footsteps of the three preceding ones and that it is a mono recording, is that the four tunes do not feature in any of the two Viper records mentioned earlier.

The Stairs posts: Mary Joanna EP , Weed Bus EP.

Este es el cuarto y último EP de la banda. De nuevo aparecen cuatro temas, dos a cargo de Edgar Summertyme, uno de Ged Lynn y la versión de los Del-Vetts que dá título al disco.El EP se publicó bajo el sello Imaginary Records (los tres anteriores y el LP Mexican R'n'B fueron editados por Go! Discs) y puede que fuese un detalle hacia ese sello ya que se suponía que el primer EP "Weed Bus" lo iban a publicar con ellos. Tras este EP la banda empezó con cambios, tanto de personal (se incluyeron dos guitarras más) y la salida de Ged Lynn en el 93 como de música, derivando hacia el blues rock o psychodelia. Todo esto y los continuos retrasos en la grabación de su segundo álbum propiciaron la separación de la banda en 1994. Su segundo álbum iba a ser"Our Life Behind The Golden Cabbage", y se supone que el sello Viper lo editó en 2008 pero bajo el título "Who Is This Is was". Anteriormente, en 2006, se publicó un recopilatorio y temas alternativos: "Right in the Back of Your Mind" también en Viper.
Lo interesante del EP "Last Time Around", aparte de seguir la línea de sus tres anteriores y estar grabado en mono, es que los cuatro temas del mismo no aparecen en ninguno de los dos discos señalados de Viper.

En el comentario en inglés de arriba, teneís los enlaces a los posts anteriores de The Stairs, links actualizados.

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VVAA - Mod World Hammond Vol3 (2008)

Another personal recopilation of Hammond bands, Comments are from the bands' web pages (2008)


The GDU does the Hammond & horn thing in a way that references the sixties, but is at the same time thoroughly modern. With the blues at the root, the sound fuses jazz, rhythm ‘n’ blues, garage, northern soul, rock, funk and punk. Live Drayton shows are renowned for their energy, excitement and unpredictability - nothing’s ruled out in the GDU repertoire; as Gene always maintains, You Can’t Sit Still. The Unit has released 6 vinyl singles and 3 LPs, and has gigged extensively across England and in Italy, Spain, Sweden, France, Ireland, Belgium and Scotland. A new GDU single (Chips and Beans/Geno) and album (Done'n'Dusted) are now available.


They make great wine in France; now they also make great rock n roll. The Slow Slushy Boys have been together for nearly a decade honing a sound as vintage as a finely aged Bordeaux. But this ain't music for no sippin' sophisticate—this is foot-stompin', grape-stompin' boogaloo till you're blue party music. Whether you're on the dance floor doing the Boob or the Whelkey Walk, the Slow Slushy Boys keep the beat pumpin' and the organ wailin' like no one since Manfred Mann first belted out "Doo Wah Diddy." This collection represents their first American CD, which gathers 16 of their best tracks from the past 7 years: "Do the Boob," "She-Demon," "Get Back," "Nobody But a Snobby Fool," and many more. When you're in a quandry over what musical concoction to serve your friends at your next happening, make it slushy!


UK's premier funk band started out as a quartet gigging in small clubs in the Southeast of England in 1999, playing classic funk tunes by artists such as The Meters and The JB's. The band soon expanded, adding the now renowned horn section and vocalists (The Speedettes) in 2001, which has enabled them to deliver the powerhouse deep funk sound they're known for today.
Over the years, Speedometer has worked with many of the US funk legends including Joe Quarterman, Eddie Bo, Marva Whitney, Sharon Jones, James Bell (Highlighters), Lee Fields, and Billy Wooten. All the artists were blown away by Speedometer's authenticity to the original soul-funk sound.
In 2000, the first single was released "Soul Safari" on Soul Fire Records and soon followed several other releases by other labels. Each limited 45 single sold out to a rapidly growing funk audience. Three years later the band joined forces with Blow it Hard Records to record the first Speedometer LP. THIS IS SPEEDOMETER (VOL.I) blended their love of heavy deep funk but fused it with Soul and Latin grooves that gave the eagerly awaiting funk fans and DJ's one of the best new funk albums since the 1970's.
2005 saw the follow up album "THIS IS SPEEDOMETER (VOL. 2)". This second volume proved the bands credentials in delivering unrivalled heavyweight funk grooves and super-soul vocals from soul diva Ria Currie and the Speedettes. The funky re-work of Beyonce's "Work it out" has been one of the most successful new funk 45's to date and in the top 10 of discerning funk/soul DJ's.
Speedometer has played all over UK, Europe and Japan over the last 2 years and now are about to release their 4th album ("4 Flights Up", due April 2007). The early indications from the band suggest the heaviest funk is yet to come....


Stoned Soul Picnic are an instrumental Hammond Organ based combo formed in 1999 by four musicians with a mutual enthusiasm for the funky soul grooves laid down by the likes of The Meters and The Mohawks. With a sound led by swirling Hammond and fatback drums, the band have carved a reputation as a formidable live funk band, with a string of successful festival and club dates across the U.K and Europe. Stoned Soul Picnic played a blinding gig, impressing all with a set of soul/funk Hammond grooves.well worth checking out ! Stoned Soul Picnic headlined the Saturday night show, serving up a huge slice of Hammond driven soul much to the delight of the huge crowd in attendance Scootering Magazine I knew it would be good but this was something else..Hammond heaven !!! Put simply, Stoned Soul Picnic live is a totally awesome experience. Ill definitely jump on the boogaloo highway to catch them again soon The band are also available with the sensational vocalist Marika, whose voice can be heard on countless soul/dance records thanks to her session work for Café del mar and many others. Marika features on SSPs LP on 2 tracks and adds another dimension to thr bands live sound with her powerhouse soul vocals. The bands 45rpm vinyl releases have become staples on funk DJs playlists all over the world, and have become collectors items in their own right. Stoned Soul Picnic have also featured on Exile on Hammond Street on Acid Jazz records, Soul Shakers Vol.2 and Lets Boogaloo Volumes 1 & 3 on Italys Recordkicks label. The new 45 Erotic cakes was released on French label Soul cookers in January 2006 to rave reviews and is a taster for the much anticipated LP due later in the year.

SLIM ALLAN 3 (Finland)

Slim Allan 3 started at Helsinki, Finland in1998. The band is basically a traditional ODG,organ-drums-guitar trio. The main influences comes from the 60's instrumentals, Funk, Jazz and Blues: Wes Montgomery Trio, Jack McDuff, Booker T. & MG’s, JB’s. From the beginning the band’s line-up has been the same: Petri Rannikko (Hammond C3), Jarmo Vannemaa (Drums), Aslak Lindeman (Guitar). They come from a background of paying their dues in various local R&B, Blues and Jazz acts.
In 2001, SA3 did release their first 45 single “The Big Set-Up / Doggy Bag” (POPSI-001) for Popangel label. The good feedback was a surprise for Popangel staff and especially for the band members. The late-60s JB’s-styled groove and a jazzy tune with drum breaks found favour in Scandinavia and England. Local radio stations and Dj’s were also interested about this fairly unknown Organ Trio.
The second 45 single “Bug Hunt / Gun Court” (POPSI-002) was released in 2002. Again with the help of Popangel staff & label. This time the band was featured by an old-skool Turntable specialist, Dj Pedro de Cabo Pasto. Echoes from the Blues, Reggae and psychedelic 70’s are heard in this release. On the top of the all there are those cone busting Hammond C3 bass pedals, the trademark of SA3.
The future? In Slim Allan 3’s case it’s based on old Hammond C3, Fender Telecaster through a black-face Deluxe Reverb amp, vintage Ludwig drums and tight, groovy Organ Trio sound.


Composer and hammond player from Milan, Mike Painter (Michele Pingitore) began his career in the early eighties as member of the mod-beat band "Four By Art".They made two albums for the Electric Eye label.Following this success, Mike then formed mod-soul group "The Investigators" releasing a record for Voxx Pop. Another Mike's bands are "Il Santo" and "Mr Tokyo And Beat Goes On".Finally aftermany years spent in different bands here it is his solo project band: "Mike Painter & The Family Shakers".Mike brings us a rich blend of sublime Hammond leads and cool modern jazz sounds.

De nuevo otra recopilación personal de grupos hammond que iba descubriendo hacia el año 2008, seguramente los temas que incluye los encontré como canciones sueltas pero que hicieron sentir ganas de encontrar más de los grupos en cuestión. Desde luego que ese es el principal motivo de estas recopilaciones, mover a buscar más, mostrar temas que puede no estén en los discos oficiales o simplemente juntar unos cuantos temas que ya conoceís.

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Some ReUps

                          On request........
The Event - This is The Event ----- Uno
The Itch - From Wigan To Brighton 7'' ----- Dos
Manual Scan - The Lost Sessions EP ----- Tres
Five Thirty - Bed ----- Cuatro

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Dot Dash - Winter Garden Lights (2012)

From time to time I receive a mail with information about a band and a request for a comment on it in this blog. I usually listen to the tunes I receive, look for info on the band, and if I am convinced/like it, I post it. In this case with Dot Dash it’s been easier, I already knew the band, as Bill Crandall, who plays guitar with the mod band Modest Proposal, also plays with them (1st reason to comment on them), and after listening to the tunes (2nd reason) there’s no doubt left. Dot Dash have been at this for some time, since 2010 , and before their 1st record "spark>flame>amber>ash" in 2011 they had released the "Hurrah" EP in 2010. You can find comments on "Spark>..." and some download songs in the blogs wilfullyobscure, hangoverhardshotgunsolution or icecreamman1967.
The band is classified as after punk, possibly due to the fact that the rest of the members come from bands like "Julie Ocean" or "Swervedriver", but listening to them I decide I like them and that it’s worth following them. Just listen to the choruses in Faraway, the beginning of Writing on the Wall or… well, just listen to the whole record in bandcamp and draw your own conclusions.
Winter Garden Light is put out by the same Canadian label that put out the first one out (one year ago): The Beautiful Music, where you can buy it. Also as download in itunes or buy-listen the album in Bandcamp.
Two streaming songs in soundcloud.
One download song here. Courtesy from the band.

Dot Dash is a four-piece band (two guitars, bass and drums) from Washington D.C.
  Band info at their facebook page.
    Guitarist/singer Terry Banks and bassist Hunter Bennett were in punky power poppers Julie Ocean.
    Before that, Terry was in The Saturday People (Slumberland label), Tree Fort Angst (Bus Stop label),        Glo-Worm (K Records), and St. Christopher.
     Guitarist Bill Crandall was in the mod/pop band Modest Proposal.
     Drummer Danny Ingram began musical life in early Dischord-label punks Youth Brigade before moving on to Strange Boutique and, later, U.K. guitar-wranglers Swervedriver.

De vez en cuando recibo algún correo en el que se me dá información sobre una banda y la petición de hacer si es posible un comentario sobre ella en este blog. Suelo escuchar los temas que me envían, buscar información sobre la banda y si me convence o gusta lo publico. En este caso con Dot Dash ha sido más sencillo, ya conocía al grupo debido a que Bill Crandall guitarra del grupo mod  Modest Proposal está con ellos (motivo 1 para comentarles) y tras escuchar los temas recibidos (motivo 2) ya no hay dudas.
 Dot Dash ya llevan tiempo en activo, desde 2010 , y antes de su primer disco: "spark>flame>amber>ash" en 2011 ya habían publicado el EP "Hurrah" en 2010 .Podeis encontrar comentarios sobre "Spark>..." y algunos temas para bajar en los blogs wilfullyobscure, hangoverhard, shotgunsolution o icecreamman1967.
 Grupo clasificado como after punk, posiblemente debido a que el resto de componentes vienen de bandas como "Julie Ocean" o "Swervedriver", pero escuchando su música decido que me gustan y que merece la pena seguirles. No hay más que oir los coros de Faraway, el inicio de Writing on the Wall o.... bueno, mejor escuchar el disco completo en bandcamp y sacaís vuestras propias conclusiones.
Winter Garden Lights ha sido sacado al mercado por el mismo sello canadiense que editó su anterior trabajo: The Beautiful Music, ahí podreís comprar la versión CD. En plan digital o download: en itunes o en bandcamp.
Bajaros una canción, cortesía de la banda, aquí .

Vídeo de Learn How To Fly de su anterior disco spark>flame>amber>ash

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The Chemistry Set - New Single in October

The cult London Psychedelic-Pop band The Chemistry Set return to the fold with another three track 7” vinyl single - ‘Come Kiss Me Vibrate And Smile’, ‘Time To Breathe’ and a cover of Tomorrow’s ‘Hallucinations’.                                                                                                                                .
The single will be released on the English ‘vinyl only’ label ‘Fruits de Mer’ on 20 October. It will be available in 2 different colours of vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.
Their last ‘Fruits de Mer’ single sold out within 48 hours. It will be available direct from FDM & Rough Trade records.

The Chemistry Set have quite a history. Veterans of the alternative Manchester label “Imaginary” and cassette only label “Acid Tapes”, they helped lead the neo-psychedelic boom of the late 1980's. During this time The Chemistry Set were featured in the British and European underground press, had mainstream and underground radio play worldwide and countless fanzine appearances, including releasing 3 flexi discs with fanzines (remember them?).

Indeed counting Factory & Hacienda boss Tony Wilson amongst their fans, The Chemistry Set reached the coveted Indie Top 20. Receiving regular airplay on the legendary John Peel’s show (Peel even went so far as to sending the band a hand-written fan letter!),

Their return in 2008 came about when their unreleased LP from 1989 “Sounds Like Painting” somehow was uploaded onto numerous blogs and was downloaded over 10,000 times.

"The Psychedelic scientists exquisite English Toytown Acid-Pop songs achieve rare combinations of muscle and melody”

You can find the 3 songs of the single and more in their soundcloud page, or bandcamp.

Here is  the song "Impossible Love" from the last single:

Or you can go to the original youtube video and find others.........

The Chemistry Set han anunciado nuevo single para mediados de Octubre. Tres nuevas canciones dentro del estilo al que nos tienen acostumbrados. El grupo es para mí algo especial, acostumbrados al regreso de bandas tras más de veinte años sin publicar, las cuales nos defraudan un poquito con su nuevo material, me encuentro con que desde la aparición del EP "Alchemy #101" en 2009 o "This Day Will Never Happen Again" en el año siguiente, el nivel de las canciones es alto haciendo mantener mi interés por esta banda, tanto en el nuevo material como en la búsqueda de todo lo anterior. Bueno, me falta seguir la pista al disco publicado en 2011 por Tsunami Music: Chemistry is just Numbers, con remezclas y algún tema nuevo. Ya se publicó por aquí un comentario sobre su mini LP "Wake Up Sometimes" del 90.
Por ahí arriba teneís enlaces a las canciones de este nuevo single, bien en soundcloud, bien en bandcamp.
Encontrada biografía en Dead Bees Records.

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Driving Music - 3

This is the music I listened to this month, well, these last two or three weeks.I usually burn a CDR with many mp3 archives so I can listen to all the records in the car.
You can find in comments a link to the compilation "Driving Music#3, one song per record.As usual: mod, groove, power pop, indie, garage and beat.

Andy Lewis - Good Soul in the Good Times 7 (2011)
Cow - Cow (2010)
DC Fontana - The Contessa 7 (2009)
Groovy Uncle - Play Something We Know (2011)
Kurt Baker - Rockin' For A Living EP (2011)
Les Rivals - Who Are You 7 (2009)
Mr Bridger - Go To Know Your Name 7 (2010)
Queen Electric - Queen Electric EP (2011)
The Absolutes - She's Alright With Me (2010)
The Anydays - She's Not The One 7 (2011)
The Badge - EP (2010)
The Connection - New England's Newest Hit Makers 12'' (2011)
The Fleet Street - The Save Me Session (2011)
The Frank and Walters - The FaW Collection (1991)
The Get Up - Getup & Groove! (2007)
The Greatest Liar - The Girl With The Chesnut Eyes (2011)
The How - Happy Matt 7 (2006)
The Past Yense - Feeling Bad 7 (2010)
The Shazam - Godspeed The Shazam (2003)
Tracie - The House That Jack Built 7 (1983)
VVAA - Shake (2007)

 Paso bastante tiempo en el coche, como muchos de vosotros, así que es un buen lugar para escuchar la música que me gusta o que normalmente no tengo tiempo de escuchar. Suelo mantener el CDR con unos cuantos discos en mp3 durante dos o tres semanas, tiempo suficiente para empaparme de todos ellos.
En comments teneís un enlace a una recopilación de esta serie, mod, groove, power pop, indie, garage y beat.

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Tributes-to-The-Who records 1996 and 2012

  VVAA - Quadrophenia 1996 The Who Tribute (1996)

Another compilation of-tribute to The Who? Well, yes. Some times these type of records mushroom in November (in Spain..) and maybe you get tired of them or they’re more of the same… but I like this tribute for several reasons. It’s Quadrophenia, it’s difficult to find (maybe in iTunes), but it’s mainly for the bands featuring in it, as most (or even all) of them belonged to or published records with Detour Records in 1996, i.e. The Persuaders, The Chosen, The Shreds, The Shambles, Ravengers, The Strange, Kickstar, The Most, Sharp Kiddie, The Shreds, Groove Tunnel, Acrylic Tones or The End Of The Beginning, which is more than enough for this record to win me over, as I know and have records of all of them. All in all, it’s a good record to round off your discography.
Otro recopilatorio-tributo a los Who?, Pues sí. A veces este tipo de discos salen como las setas en noviembre y puede que te cansen o que sea mas de lo mismo........pero este tributo me gusta, por varias razones. Se trata de Quadrophenia, es dificill de encontrar (quizas en iTunes), pero sobre todo es por las bandas que aparecen en el, la mayoria (o todas) pertenecían o habian publicado en el año 1996 en el sello Detour Records, a saber: The Persuaders, The Chosen, The Shreds, The Shambles, Ravengers, The Strange, Kickstar, The Most, Sharp Kiddie, The Shreds, Groove Tunnel, Acrylic Tones o The End Of The Beginning, mas que suficiente para que me tenga ganado este disco, ya que conozco y tengo singles o discos de todos ellos, buen disco para completar su discografia.

1. 5:15 - The Chosen 
2. I'm One - The Strange 
3. Four Faces - The Persuaders 
4. The Real Me - Groove Tunnel 
5. Bell Boy - The Acrylic Tones 
6. The Punk And The Godfather - Ravengers 
7. Doctor Jimmy - Kickstart 
8. The Dirty Jobs - The Shreds 
9. It It In My Head? - The Shambles 
10. Drowned - The Most 
11. Joker James - Sharp Kiddie 
12. Get Out And Stay Out - The Chosen 
13. Anyway Anyhow Anywhere - The End Of The Beginning 
14. Zoot Suit - The Persuaders

 VVAA - The New Sell Out (2012)

My initial comment on tribute records to The Who also has to do with the excellent record released by Futureman Records under the title "The New Sell Out", completely based on "The Who Sell Out". This record seems to have kept us waiting for 12 years. What strikes me too about this record is the sheer number of good power pop bands it features, whether doing cover versions of songs or doing the Radio London "jingles" that separated the songs in the original record, simple 30 sec-short jingles but produced by DM3, Rubinoos, Roger McGuinn, Anderson Council... Well, to get an idea, visit the bandcamp webpage, where you can listen to and/or buy the record (only $7). Covers by Grip Weeds, Myracle Brah, Brendan Benson, The Andersons or Cloud Eleven are justification enough for the record to have been commented on in powerpop blogs or fora.
It's posible that you remember another great tribute to This album: Petra Haden Sings The Who Sell Out, 2005.
El comentario del principio sobre los discos-tributo a los Who viene tambien a cuento del estupendo disco que ha publicado el sello Futureman Records bajo el titulo "The New Sell Out" basándose por completo en "The Who Sell Out". Disco que parece ha tardado en salir 12 anos. Lo que tambien llama la atención sobre este disco es la cantidad de buenos grupos de power pop que participan en él, bien versioneando los temas o bien haciendo los "jingles" de Radio London que aparecían entre cancion y cancion en el original, jingles de apenas 30 segundos pero realizados por DM3,Rubinoos, Roger McGuinn, Anderson Council..... Bueno, para haceros una idea, pasaros por la pagina web de bandcamp en la que podeis escuchar-comprar el disco en cuestion (solo 7$). Las versiones... a cuenta de Grip Weeds, Myracle Brah, Brendan Benson, The Andersons, Cloud Eleven....motivo suficiente para que el disco ya haya sido comentado en powerpop blogs o foros.
Para mí, otro buen disco tributo es Petra Haden Sings The Who Sell Out, 2005, cantado a capella.

lunes, 16 de julio de 2012

The Karovas Milkshake - FreakOut single (2012)

The first thing I must say is that I’m an avid follower of this group.
I like Garage music and Freakbeat or Psycho, and that is precisely what makes this trio (maybe quartet when adding a drummer substitute) from Russia (Ekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains). They have been playing now for a couple of years or more, and I think they have four records: The first two are probably self-published, two EPs with 4 songs, versions like Dirty Water, Little Girl, Jumpin' Jack Flash, No Reason to Complain... (and more versions in their concerts: I Can Only Give You Everything, When The Night Falls...) that give us an idea of their tastes and influences. Their third EP was recorded in 2010 by Vintage Records and with two versions (Is That Your Halo?, The Rock Shop and Yeah!, The Alarm Clocks) are two original songs, "Poor & Broken Child" and the fantastic "Hey Girl!" (you can listen to these songs in MySpace or Reverbnation). They recorded their single "FreakOut / Factory" in 2012, in which we are introduced to their particular Wonderland. I see this record as a natural evolution after their first "garage" songs, introducing organ and more psycho. I like it, and am waiting for their upcoming recordings.
You can listen-buy "FreakOut / Factory" (from $2) in Bandcamp. Or you can visit "my comments section".

Nada más empezar os digo que ya soy un ferviente seguidor de este grupo.
Me gusta la música Garage o Freakbeat o Psycho y eso es precisamente lo que hacen este trio (puede que cuarteto cuando se añade un batería suplente) de Rusos (de Ekaterinburg en los Urales). Ya llevan un par de años, o más, tocando y les he controlado unos cuatro discos, tres EPs de cuatro temas y este su último single, aunque que los dos primeros supongo que editados por ellos mismos con versiones como Dirty Water,Little Girl, Jumpin' Jack Flash, No Reason to Complain...o lo que he visto de ellos en concierto: I Can Only Give You Everything, When The Night Falls..que nos dan una idea de sus gustos e influencias.Su tercer EP se grabó en 2010, puede que publicado en 2011 por Vintage Records y junto a dos versiones (Is That Your Halo? de los Rock Shop y Yeah! de Alarm Clocks) aparecen dos temas propios: Poor & Broken Child y la estupenda Hey Girl! (Estos temas los podeís escuchar en su página de myspace o en reverbnation).
 En este 2012 sacan su single FreakOut Factory en el que nos introducen a su particular Wonderland. Veo este disco como una evolución natural tras sus primeras grabaciones más garageras, introduciendo órgano y psycho,y esperando ya sus próximas grabaciones.
Este single lo podeís escuchar en bandcamp, soundcloud y en myspace. También podeís hacer una visita a comments.

miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

Review: Trolley - Things That Shine and Glow (2011)

Trolley are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They’ve been going at this since 1995 and they do a sort of Mod Psych Power Pop or even a "paisley underground power-pop psych-pop folk-rock garage rock". This is what usually comes up in their biographies or reviews of their records. So many terms to define their music may sound like too much when applied to one song, but I think they are appropriate when we listen to their entire "Things That Shine and Glow" record. Even if it starts with "I Woke Up", garage impressions in "Pushing Too Hard"-style, that by the way reminds me a lot the sound of "The Nice Outfit", a parallel group to Trolley, we go on to more relaxed tempi with "My Obsession" or some Brit touches with "In The End", a bit of the Kinks, back to garage with "She's The Kind Of Girl"... the whole record is thoroughly enjoyable and doesn’t get tiresome after several listenings. My favorites: "I Woke Up", "She's The Kind Of Girl", "Ocean Sounds", "That Made Me Wanting You"… and the rest of the fourteen songs, teehee. As a member of the band, Paul Wall, says, "it’s not strictly mod but sixties/pop/garage". To which I can add "I like it and if I like something I make it mod when I want to".

Here, a little biography from All Music Guide:
Displaying a luminous pop/rock style supported by a masterful rhythm section, Trolley play melodious grooving tunes with two guitarist/vocalists in the forefront. The crew first assembled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the midst of the '90s, with a lineup consisting of Paul Wall (vocals, guitar), Mike Perotto (guitar, vocals), Terry Hackbath (bass), and Nick Zahn (drums). In 1996, the band released its first recording, "Love's a Twister", receiving rave reviews from the media and assuring the beginnings of a loyal fan base. Trolley's blazing pop tunes swiftly stood out on the local music scene, and they soon became more in demand than ever. During the following years, the team issued two more discs, "Here Comes Summer" and "Star of Wonder" (EPs), again achieving considerable results. In 1999, Trolley issued yet another album, "Head vs. Heart", months before entering their first major tour alongside Reel Big Fish. Trolley returned four years later with "Last Chance Dance", bringing '60s rock and '70s punk influences into the mix, followed in 2011 by the '80s jangle pop-leaning "Things That Shine and Glow".
You can hear-buy it : Bandcamp. Or visit their Facebook.

Trolley son de Milwaukee, Wisconsin, llevan es esto desde 1995 y practican un Mod Psych Power Pop o incluso "paisley underground power-pop psych-pop folk-rock garage rock.". Esto es lo que suele aparecer en sus biografías o revisiones de sus discos. Tantos términos juntos para definir su música pueden parecer demasiados cuando se aplican a una sola canción, pero creo que sí son los correctos cuando escuchas el disco "Things That Shine and Glow" al completo. Si comienza con "I Woke Up" con aires garageros a lo "Pushing Too Hard", que por cierto me recuerda mucho el sonido a "The Nice Outfit" grupo paralelo de Trolley, pasamos a tiempos más relajados con My Obsession o con aires british en "In The End", algo de Kinks, vuelta a garage con She's The Kind Of Girl.....todo el disco se te hace ameno y no se desgasta con varias escuchas. Mis preferidas: I Woke Up, She's The Kind Of Girl,Ocean Sounds, That Made Me Wanting You y el resto de los catorce temas, je. Como comenta el miembro de la banda,Paul Wall, "no es estrictamente Mod pero si sixties/pop/garage". A lo que puedo añadir un "me gusta, y si algo me gusta lo hago mod cuando quiero".
 Podeis escuchar y comprar el álbun en su página de Bandcamp. O visitar su facebook,

lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Suedehead 2011-2012

Suedehead is one of those many groups I get to know on my visits to friendly blogs, always motivated by a positive review which catches my attention, I look for it, find it, download it or listen. Maybe not all the bands I discover surprise me 100%, but that's not the case with Suedehead. They didn’t surprised me, they delighted me. For the time being they have published three EP's, which together can make a zero-waste CD. As soon as I listened to them I remembered Gene, Costello or my beloved The Boyfriends, maybe because of Davey Warsop’s voice, but the similarity ends with a Soul or Northern touch which after a short listening time gives them their own personality.
Suedehead have their own record label, International Soul Rebel Society, I.S.R.S., which can be found in their own webpage, where you can also listen to all their songs.

Suedehead es uno de esos muchos grupos que acabo conociendo a través de mis paseos por los blogs amigos, siempre motivado por una crítica positiva, que te llama la atención, luego buscas, encuentras, bajas o escuchas. Puede que no todas las bandas que vas descubriendo te sorprendan al 100%, pero este no es el caso de Suedehead. No sólo me sorprendieron, me encantaron. De momento tienen publicados tres EPs,que juntos pueden formar un CD sin desperdicio. Nada más escucharlos me vino la sensación de recuerdo hacia Gene, Costello o de mis queridos The Boyfriends, puede que por la voz de Davey Warsop, pero la semejanza queda superada por un aire Soul o Northern que al poco de escucha les dá una personalidad propia.
Suedehead tienen su propio sello discográfico: International Soul Rebel Society ,I.S.R.S.,que encontrarás en su página web, también puedes escuchar ahí todas sus canciones.

lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

The Babelkinks - The Babelkinks single (2012)

Nuevo single de mi amigo Babelain, esta vez versioneando dos temas no tan conocidos de sus adorados Kinks, I've Got That Feeling y You Shouldn't Be Sad. Soy un fan de su música y cuando revisa a los Kinks..más!!. Podeís escuchar el single o bajarlo en su blog totovaca.

domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

Dojo Cuts - The 1-2-3's 7'' (2009)

Australia seems to be fast becoming the hottest frontier on the contemporary funk & soul scene, bands like Bamboos, Cooking on 3 Burners, Deep Street Soul, Kylie Auldist and djs like Russ Dwebury who moved his legendary Brighton Jazz Room clubnight are just some examples. Most likely candidates to became the brightest stars of this fast growing international scene are new Sydney based combo DOJO CUTS feat. young and powerful Roxie Ray on vocals... a new soulful little queen is borned! Here you find the first single "1-2-3" from debut album "DOJO CUTS feat Roxie Ray" to be released on RK in April 2009  and on the flipside a cover of Marie "Queenie" Lyons sister funk classic "See and don't see". If you dig Sharon Jones and Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators better watch out for Dojo Cuts, Gabriel Roth and Neal Sugarman who already declared themselves fans of the band can't do wrong!
Djouls (taken from here).

You can hear all their albums : bandcamp
Single debut de esta banda Australiana en 2009, mezclando Funk y Soul, algo que se hace más presente en sus LPs "Dojo Cuts feat Roxie Ray" de 2009 y "Take From Me" de 2012. Influencias clásicas de James Brown, Maceo Parker o The Meters o cercanas como Sharon Jones. Como vocalista femenina aparece siempre Roxie Ray, que buen futuro la veo. El tema 1-2-3 ó "The 1-2-3's" aparece en el disco de 2009 y la cara B "See and don't see" en el recopilatorio "Mo'Record Kicks!". Todos sus discos los podeís escuchar en su página de bandcamp, y si alguien desea algo más, que pida...........

jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

Phenomenal Cat - Postcards From The British Empire

Son una nueva banda de Power Pop de Sandgate en Kent, UK, que han tenido la idea de editar un single (una canción) cada mes de este año,bajo el nombre de "Postcards From The British Empire: 12 singles in 12 months". Ya llevan 4, claro, y lo cierto es que suenan estupendamente, ciertos aires psycho, Kinks.... me gustan. Cada vez que sacan un single ofrecen su descarga en su página de Bandcamp limitada a un número de bajadas, pero lo cierto es que ahora mismo puedes bajarte los cuatro temas. La información de este grupo me ha llegado a través del amigo Rick.N.Baker del blog "Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More (Ding Ding)" añadido a favoritos desde hace tiempo, blog por el que debes pasarte, si no lo conoces. Veremos si esta banda mantiene el nivel durante el año, desde luego es un grupo a seguir. Me traen a la memoria los 12 singles que realizaron "The Wedding Present" allá por el año 1990 que aparecieron más tarde en los dos discos "Hit Parade"..........

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

Gatunes Grooving Night

La unión de y la sala San Miguel de Madrid en apoyo a la música cuentan en su primer cartel con Primital, The Faith Keepers, Cosmosoul y Watch Out. es una red social creada por un grupo de jóvenes emprendedores madrileños, que buscan métodos alternativos de apoyo para la música independiente.

El Jueves 26 de abril a las 20:00 horas primer concierto Gatunes: Gatunes Grooving Night.
De la unión de y la sala San Miguel de Madrid nace este evento en apoyo a la música independiente. En este primer cartel contamos con grupos de funk, soul, MOD y Boogaloo. Abrirán el concierto The Faith Keepers provenientes de Zaragoza, un referente de la corriente MOD en España, para calentar todas las suelas de la pista de baile, y cerrarán Primital en un espectacular y mágico universo paralelo. Entre medias contaremos con la actuación de CosmoSoul, este grupo madrileño en plena efervescencia con el soul más cálido, y con WatchOut, un símbolo del funk más puro del panorama indie español.
Todos los meses habrá un concierto Gatunes night de diferentes estilos musicales en la sala San Miguel en el que actuarán distintos grupos de la escena independiente, con los que contamos con su presencia en la plataforma on-line y a los que no dejaremos de apoyar. es una red social de música española creada para los amantes de la música, enfocada al usuario, en la que la promoción de las bandas se basa en su trabajo y su calidad y no en función de su capacidad económica o el respaldo de compañías discográficas. Los artistas que más gusten a la gente serán los que más visibilidad obtengan en la plataforma, de forma que todos los artistas tienen igualdad de posibilidades. Donde la última palabra para que un grupo se de a conocer y salga adelante sea de la gente que les escucha. Por eso Gatunes no es solo una herramienta para escuchar música sino también para compartirla y descubrirla.

viernes, 30 de marzo de 2012

The High Dials - Fields In Glass EP (2004)

The High Dials are a psychedelic pop band from Montreal, Canada. Unabashed devotees of classic sounds and songwriting from the 60s through the 80s, their varied music ranges through anthemic power-pop, shoegazey ambience and melancholic folk balladry.
The High Dials announced themselves in 2003 with A New Devotion (Rainbow Quartz Records). Part S.F. Sorrow, part Flaming Lips and a whole lot of Revolver-era Beatles, the upbeat, 18-song (!) concept record featured sitar, harpsichords and a hidden science-fiction story. War of the Wakening Phantoms (2005) was their lovesick follow-up, full of the magic and melancholy of some haunted world.
Produced by Joseph Donovan (the Dears, Sam Roberts) and mixed by Dave Bianco (Tom Petty, Teenage Fanclub), it won rave reviews in North America and the UK. The album went to number one on Canadian college radio charts and The High Dials supported the release as tour partners for both Brian Jonestown Massacre and Neko Case.Their third album, Moon Country (2008), may be their best work to date. Droning dance grooves, spaced-out rock anthems and wistful love songs from the edge of a distant cosmic beach! As a nod to the classic LP in an Mp3 age, the release is divided into two sides, A and B. Begun in a remote stone cottage in Ireland, “Moon Country” is a must for anyone who loves the album as endangered art form!
Released in 2010, Anthems for Doomed Youth signaled a return to the melodic, '60s-inspired pop of the High Dials' debut.
The High Dials are the continuation of "The Datsons Four", Canada Mod Band.
Request: I don't have the Desiderata EP. Anyone have it?

The High Dials se formaron en el 2003, en Canadá, tras la disolución del grupo mod The Datsons Four. Desde luego esto fue para mí un buen motivo para empezarles a seguir la pista. En el año 2003 se estrenaron con "A New Devotion" dentro del sello Rainbow Quartz, disco en el que se dejaba notar la influencia psycho y la aparición del sitar, por ahí he leído que es una mezcla de SF Sorrow, Flamming Lips y mucho del Revolver, bueno... De este disco sacaron dos singles o EPs, Desiderata y este EP, Fields in Glass. Escuchándolo tengo recuerdos de grupos manchester, cosa que no me importa en absoluto y me gusta la interpretacion del tema Things Are Getting Better. El EP contiene dos versiones del tema Fields in Glass con terminaciones como "Club Mix" y "Stained Glass Mix", es decir, con añadidos tipo chunda-chunda orientados a las pistas de baile, digo yo. En 2005 salió “War of the Wakening Phantoms”, pasando un poco de esos guiños a los sesenta y con baladas acústicas, algo de folk electrónico y power pop. En 2007 sacaron el EP "The Holy Ground" con la colaboración en un tema de Rod Argent de los Zombies. El siguiente album "Moon Country", 2008, está posiblemente considerado como el mejor, pero me llega a cansar, seguro que se merece una buena segunda escucha. Por mi parte, prefiero su último trabajo: "Anthems For Doomed Youth", donde se vuelve a un sonido más guitarrero y de nuevo aires 60s. Como siempre, podía haber subido cualquiera de sus discos pero prefiero hacerlo con este EP, indicado para iniciarse o rellenar vacíos con algunos temas que no aparecen en sus larga duración.
Rishi Dhir dejó la banda para formar el grupo "Elephant Stone", publicando en 2009 el álbum "The Seven Seas", psycho y con sitar, lo comento porque también me gusta.
Me falta el EP Desiderata, se agradecería cantidad!!!

Links: Myspace
Web Page

viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

The Upshitters

Comentario de 'The Upshitters':
Os traemos nuevas noticias de The Upshitters. Algunos ya nos conocéis y otros, nos acabáis de conocer. Para estos últimos, os presentamos a una banda que mezcla Skinhead Reggae con algo the Funk y algun toque Ska, siempre, siempre bajo la gran influencia de los Upsetters, aunque también encontraréis ciertos toques de las producciones de Joe 'The Boss'.Preferimos que opinéis vosotros escuchando nuestras canciones (DE DIFUSIÓN GRATUÍTA), así que no nos vamos a alargar con cientos de adjetivos a nuestro favor. Escuchad y bailad!!
The Upshitters acabamos de colgar en nuestra web todos nuestros temas nuevamente masterizados, siempre bajo el influjo analógico del Reggae de finales de los 60. En nuestra web encontraréis todos nuestros instrumentales, así com las colaboraciones de cantantes como Dennis Alcabrone, Jah Messi o Berro Banton. Incluso tendréis la oportunidad de bailar al son de la remezcla Skacid de nuestro gran amigo Alek Mayhem.
Xtasy Reggae, Rocksteady Peach, El Lute rides again, Comandant Gagarin, En Quico, Se acerca el hombre... todos nuestros temas de los que os agradeceremos infinitamente que hagáis difusión en vuestra web o compartiéndolos.
Del mismo modo, os invitamos a seguirnos en donde todos nuestros compadres conocen de nuestras noticias.
Os esperamos!

Podéis descargar todos nuestros temas en nuestro web o en el siguiente enlace

The Upshitters are a Spanish band, 'The original bass booty Reggae from Catalonia'. They mix Skinhead Reggae with Funk and Ska touches, always under Upsetters influence.
You can find many songs on their website: or download them all from
News and events at

viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012

Dee Walker - Dial 'L' For Love 12'' (1985)

Dee Walker, the recording artist, was the creation of Dance Network label head Paul Bultitute -- his idea was to compliment the early-80s wave of mod-revivalists by adding a sixties-styled "girl" singer in the image of Cilla Black or Sandy Shaw. In 1984, Baultitude signed the 22 year-old and enlisted Paul Bevoir of the Jet Set to write the appropriate songs. One album was released, 1985's Dial L for Love, which was well received by the mod underground and the British press but Walker retired from the music business after she married the following year. ~ Chris Woodstra, Rovi

My note: In 1984 was released the single "Jump Back!/Every Little Moment", both songs by Paul Bevoir. The mini-album, Dial'L' For Love, was released a year later, featuring three songs by Bevoir and three by Ed Ball. Tangerine Records edited the CD compilation "Jump Back", including the single Jump Back, this Dial L For Love and two more songs: 'Hey Mr Love' (Appears in the "Come On Peel The Noise" comp) and 'Swinging On A Star'.
Puede que Dee Walker fuese un invento de Paul Bultitute para su sello Dance Network, pretendiendo dar al revival la imagen de una cantante estilo 60's como Shandie Shaw o Cilla Black, pero sirvió para dejarnos unas pocas canciones que yo siempre recuerdo y escucho con cariño, el single "Jump Back!/Every Little Moment" en 1984 con temas de Paul Bevoir , este 12" con temas de Bevoir y de Ed Ball más dos temas que aparecieron en el recopilatorio de Tangerine Records: Jump Back de 1993 (Swinging On A Star y Hey Mr Love, este tema también salió en el recopilarotio "Come On Peel The Noise" de Tangerine).

viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

Made - Tonight mLP (2003)

Made are a five members band from Italy playing a mod/beat/powerpop oriented music using vintage instruments (Hammond, Farfisa, Vox, Rickenbacker) but they don't dislike some of the more recent britpop sounds. In the past years they've played at the main Italian mod, scooterist and sixties events (Rimini “The Italian Job” International Mod Rally (1998, 2000 & 2004), Beat Festival 2000, Italian Mods Mayday 2000, Italian National Mod Rally 1999, the Other Face mod Rally 2001, Isola d'Elba Tuscany International Scooter Rally 2002, Ticino Mod Rally 2003, Hot mod summer on the lake 2004, Italian Mod Rally 2006, etc.) so that they are now one of the best known Italian bands in the whole MOD scene.
In 1997 they released their first demotape “Greatest Hits vol.2”. In 1999 they made their first record : a 7” split EP (along with Wigan Casino) produced by Modern Groove Records. This record had many good reviews on rock magazines and fanzines. In 2000 they gave two songs for the “Mondo Beat vol. 2” compilation cd by Face/Sony (featuring some the best sixties European bands like Solarflares, Diaboliks, Slow Slushy Boys, Others, etc.) and they had many new good reviews. In the same year they also appeared in the “Gamut Assembly vol.5” compilation cd by the british label Dizzy Lug'ole Records.
In springtime 2001 they had their first album “Made this way!” finally out on Vitaminic and many more gigs and good reviews. Last but not least they were also featured on the “Music for Truckers” international compilation by La Skaletta Rock Club (featuring bands like Kowalskis, Surfin' Lungs, Peawees, Manges, Apers, Fairlanes, etc.) which put their name out into the punk rock scene too.
In 2003 the 6 tracks Cd-Ep “Tonight” has been produced by Skipping Musez Records and followed, as usual, by lots of good reviews in the best Italian and European modzines and rock magazines. Tonight has been reissued, with four bonus tracks, in 2006 by Revel Yell Music label for the Japanese market.
After more than 10 years since their birth, this great italian MOD band released a brand new album which will be well appreciated from who loves Who, Kinks, Small Faces, Jam, Blur, the Power Pop sound and any kind of Brit Rock… "They Don't Understand" Cd, 2009.

Review from

Banda mod Italiana en activo desde 1996 pero que no se han prodigado mucho en cuanto a discos se refiere. Made This Way! en 2001, Tonight mLp en 2003 reeditado en Japón con cuatro temas más en 2007 y They Don't Understand en 2009. En este disco, Tonight, aparece un tema más, posiblemente sea una re-edición de 2007. Entre las muchas bandas italianas, Made siempre ha ocupado uno de los primeros lugares entre mis preferidos.

domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Driving Music - 2

This is the music I listened to this month, well, these last two or three weeks. I usually burn a CDR with many mp3 archives so I can listen to all the records in the car.

Brand New Sinclairs - Ten Blue Pills (2009)
Captain Hammond -  Cosmic Cantina (2007)
Cooper -  RSGo! (2011)
Dom Mariani -  Rewind and Play (2010)
Knave -  Away (single 1997)
                    Bachelor (single 1996)
Quant - I've Got No Time (single 1998)
VVAA - Soulvilla nº17 (2011)
Stanley Road - Clash City Cooters EP (2011)
Suedehead - In Motion EP (2011)
The Aardvarks - Buttermilk Boy (single 1999)
The Acrylic Tones - A Place I Use To Know (single 1996)
The Broken Vinyl Club - One Way Street (single 2011)
The Clique - Save Me (single 1996)
The Cybermen -Word (single 1995)
The Galileo 7 - Are You Having Fun Yet? (2010)
The Lost Minds - Now I'm Alone (single 1996)
The Nice Outfit - Kissing Jocelyne EP (2007)
VVAA - Sugar Lumps vol1 (2005)

Paso bastante tiempo en el coche, como muchos de vosotros, así que es un buen lugar para escuchar la música que me gusta o que normalmente no tengo tiempo de escuchar. Suelo mantener el CDR con unos cuantos discos en mp3 durante dos o tres semanas, tiempo suficiente para empaparme de todos ellos.

lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

The Freaque - Strange Flakes mCD (2004?)

Band was formed in Tokyo led by Toru Kishida. He played as the guitarist of The JUICE that released by Japanese major label.In 2003, Toru met Hidenori Uchida, played as the bassist of Magic Curtain. They performed to the Alan Macgee's "Death Disco" and lots of Mod Event in Tokyo.
In 2004, Shuichi Kawai joined, then the new band as The Freaque started and played at many places so far. Making the new sound and colour in which groovy kind of 60s taste is absorbed, is their theme.Obviously, influenced 60s, British Beat, Psychedelic, Punk and 90s... However, their soul blows up something more than respect and love in them and new.

taken from their web page. More info in myspace.

Toru Kishida      (vocals and guitar)
Hidenori Uchida (bass and vocals)
Shuichi Kawai    (drums and vocals)

Grupo mod Japonés que debió estar activo del 2003 al 2005. Japón me encanta a nivel de grupos mod, siempre tan perfeccionistas y tirando a revivalistas, sonando además bien, Shamrock, Phy, Badge, Mods, Bets o Revival y Collectors ,así. los que me vienen ahora a la memoria. Sólo conozco de Freaque este mini LP de cinco temas publicado seguramente hacia 2004 y alguna canción suelta de su myspace. Aparecieron en el recopilatorio de Dizzy "Takin' A Detour #3" con dos temas. Arriba teneís un enlace a su página web todavía operativa pero no actualizada.

jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

The Inciters - Doing Fine (2000)

Hailing from San Francisco, The Inciters are simply the world's finest Northen Soul act, an overpowering 11 piece dance floor soul band that has brought the house down from LA to SF to DC to Chicago! Maybe you saw The Commitments movie a few years ago, showing the rage a true 6T's soul band can create in a short amount of time.....or have you harked back to a time when Motown/Stax was king, and casinos were packed to sweet sounds of soul: Booker T & The MG's, The Impressions, The Supremes, The Flirtations, Major Lance and more! Well my friend, those days have begun once again....Northern Soul is the sound of NOW. Coined by British press in the 60's to describe the club scene in the North of England, "Northern Soul" nights at famous clubs like Wigan Casino thrived on DJs playing rare soul from independent labels, these sides taking the Motown/Stax ethic but adding a stronger back-beat with more adventurous production! The Inciters "Doing Fine" is exactly that, a mix of heavy dance floor soul fueled by a four dynamic lead singers (1 male, 3 female) that deserve your attention! Already a household name within the Mod/scooter and ska scenes, The Inciters look towards 2000 with a firm grip n an era where music really mattered!.

from jump up! records.

El Northern Soul es una de las variantes que tuvo el sonido de la Motown y Stax en los años sesenta. Sonido que se desarrolló en Inglaterra en esos años, más bien hacia el norte de Inglaterra, de ahí su nombre. Estilo que fue rápidamente adoptado por los mods, música bailable y que sonaba frecuentemente en los clubs de la época.
The Inciters hacen Northern Soul y son de San Francisco, eran, grupo numeroso de once miembros y con cuatro voces solistas, tres femeninas y una masculina que se van alternando en los temas de este su segundo disco "Doing Fine" (2000 ó 1999) dando un cierto aire de disco en vivo. Aparte de temas propios, hay versiones como "Lay This Burden Down", "Magic Touch" o "Lean On Me". Anteriormente publicaron "Movin' On" y el último fue "Well Well Well"(2002).
No es fácil encontrar sus discos, quizá el Well Well Well, incluso la página donde compré Doing Fine ya no lo tiene. Carátulas modymade.