jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

The Aim - Call Your Name 7 (1994)

I only know The Aim through this single, published by Detour Records in 1994. I don't know if they have any other records but one thing I'm sure of is that this is a very good single. Two pure mod power pop tunes "Call Your Name" and "Out On The Street" and the lingering feeling of needing more.....
As you can see, the front sleeve sends us back to Jam's "Sounds Affect" and in the back the members of the band appear in streets wearing their names. Tony Duke, Dave Pryor and Steve White.
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Solo conozco a "The Aim" por este single, publicado por Detour Records en 1994. No sé si llegaron a publicar algo más, pero la sensación tras escuchar los dos temas del disco "Call Your Name" y "Out On The Street" es la de necesitar más, de preguntarte porqué no publicaron nada más. Dos canciones de puro mod power pop. La portada frontal recuerda a "Sounds Affect" de los Jam y en la trasera aparecen los miembros de la Banda (Tony Duke, David Pryor y Steve White) junto a letreros de las calles que llevan su apellido.
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miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

John Wicks / The Records, Verano 2011

John Wicks, lead singer of The Records and co-writer of the hit songs Starry Eyes and Hearts In Her Eyes, has an idea he'd like to share.
For the entire summer, John will be posting a free, rare demo or outtake every week on the band's Facebook fan page.
Starting June 13 go to www.facebook.com/TheRecordsFeaturingJohnWicks, "like" the page, and you'll be treated to that week's feature outtake or demo. Most if not all of these cuts have never seen the light of day and promise to be a real treat, both for those familiar with Wicks' work as well as those who just dig good, melodic pop of the highest order. Eventually some but not all of these tracks will appear on an upcoming CD release, but the only way to make sure you hear them all is to check out John's fanpage. Go to www.facebook.com/TheRecordsFeaturingJohnWicks
and click "Like", refresh your browser, and the mp3 will be available to you...FOR FREE. Check out The Records' main website at www.johnwicksandtherecords.com for news, tour, or any other additional information about the band.